September 4-23, 2017
Dev-Pro Development Center, Kharkiv


Free three-week course in Angular 4.0 for experienced JavaScript developers

Learn Angular 4.0 with Dev-Pro Angular Flow! It’s useful knowledge, and it’s free. At Dev-Pro, we encourage proactive learners by investing in their success. Try this now: apply before August 25th and take your professional skills to a new level!


About Dev-Pro Angular Flow


  • 10 people
  • Experienced trainer


  • 3 weeks, September 4-23
  • 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
    Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  • One 4-hours workshop on Saturday, September 23
  • 22 hours of lectures + 16 hours of homework


  • Dev-Pro Development Center
  • Kharkiv

The perfect participant

  • 2+ years of commercial experience with JavaScript
  • Good understanding of OOP principles
  • Good knowledge of es5/es6
  • At least pre-intermediate English

Dev-Pro Angular Flow program covers:

Unit 1
TypeScript advanced. OOP. Software design principles.
Unit 2
Designs patterns using typescript.
Unit 3
Webpack configuration. Top 10 plugins and loaders.
Unit 4
Components. Advanced components interaction.
Unit 5
Pipes and Directives.
Unit 6
Zone.js and Change detection mechanism.
Unit 7
Modules, services and dependency injection.
Unit 8
Redux Architecture. ngRx-Store. Build Redux-like app with angular.
Unit 9
Unit Testing. TDD. BDD. Jest.
Unit 10
Asynchronous JavaScript with RxJS workshop (4h).

About the trainer: